ABL Aviation Announces the Delivery of a Boeing 777-200LRF to Atlas Air Using a JOLCO-AFIC Structure

Dublin, Ireland, February 2024 – ABL Aviation, the independent and dedicated global full-service aircraft asset management firm, has announced the successful delivery of a Boeing 777-200LRF to Atlas Air, a prominent player in the global air cargo industry. The deal was structured as a Japanese Operating Lease with Call Option (JOLCO) combined with debt guaranteed by the Aircraft Finance Insurance Consortium (AFIC) and funded by Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (SMTB) demonstrating ABL Aviation’s focus on offering innovative financial solutions to airlines. ABL Aviation was the lead arranger on the transaction bringing the equity from Japan and debt funding to the deal.

This transaction is notable because it marks the first time a JOLCO-AFIC product, structured first by ABL Aviation for the awarded Aviation 100 Supported Finance Deal of the Year 2019 by the prestigious Airline Economics, has been used to fund a freight aircraft. This transaction demonstrates ABL Aviation’s ability to provide efficient financial structures to support reliable cargo transportation, which is required for the continued progress of trade activities.

“We are incredibly proud to have facilitated this pioneering JOLCO-AFIC financing for Atlas Air, with whom we are delighted to partner,” stated Ali Ben Lmadani, CEO of ABL Aviation. “This transaction supports essential trade activities and establishes a new avenue for the financing of freight aircraft. It creates opportunities for future partnerships and innovative approaches in the aviation industry, particularly among our airline partners and investors.”

The Boeing 777-200LRF is the dominant aircraft in the large cargo segment of the market. Its versatility in transporting various cargo types aligns well with the industry’s changing requirements. This aircraft’s impressive payload capacity of up to 102.8 metric tonnes and its extended range of about 4,970 nautical miles (9,200 kilometres) make it a reliable choice for long- distance transportation. Its twin-engine design encourages fuel economy, cost savings, and environmental sustainability in air cargo delivery.

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