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ABL Corporation stands at the forefront of global industries, specializing in aviation, maritime, hospitality, and real estate. Our extensive portfolio, valued at over $5 billion, is a testament to our commitment to excellence in asset management and strategic investments.


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ABL Corporation operates in diverse sectors, focusing on innovation
and strategic investment.

ABL Aviation

Offers commercial
aviation leasing and asset
management services
to top airlines and

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ABL Maritime

Provides asset management services and opportunities for investors and operators in the global maritime industry.

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ABL Hospitality

Offers an affordable luxury experience for tourists seeking exceptional value without compromising on quality.

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ABL Real Estate

Specialises in managing
commercial and residential property portfolios to increase market

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Our Values

Our core values, guided by fairness, integrity, respect, teamwork, and accountability, guide our actions and responsibility towards stakeholders, ensuring ethical standards in all operations.

ABL Corporation Values ABL Corporation Values

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of experienced professionals who drive the success of ABL Corporation. They bring extensive expertise and a shared commitment to excellence in all our operations.

Ali Ben Lmadani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, I lead our organisation with a clear vision and commitment to excellence. I motivate our team to exceed limits, innovate continuously, and lead in our industries. We drive change, aiming to not just maintain but enhance our legacy and set a global standard.



As Chief Investment Officer, I guide our financial strategies with precision, developing pricing models and investment approaches that ensure returns and financial growth. I balance risk and opportunity, aiming to surpass expectations and lead our stakeholders to prosperity.

Michael Weiss

Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategy Officer, I define our strategic path, embracing innovation and insights to drive growth. I aim to seize opportunities, anticipate market trends, and establish ABL Corporation as an industry leader, fostering ambitious growth and a vision for the future.



As Chief Financial Officer, I ensure our financial integrity and strategy across all divisions, exceeding standards and expectations. By improving financial practices, we support sustainable growth and navigate global finance with precision, leading ABL Corporation to lasting success.

Umid Sharipov

Managing Director, Relationship Management

In Japan, I focus on building lasting partnerships and trust in the market. Through open communication and teamwork, we aim for growth and success, establishing a foundation of respect and prosperity that elevates ABL Corporation and our partners.

Joey Zhao

Head of Asia-Pacific, Ex-Japan

Leading ABL in Asia-Pacific, I promote collaboration and innovation to unlock the region's potential. We bridge cultures and form partnerships, aiming for ABL Corporation's impact to extend across borders, driving sustainable growth and a legacy of excellence.



As Chief Technical Officer, my drive for innovation and efficient asset management shapes our strategic initiatives globally, enhancing asset value and liquidity. My team and I are committed to innovation and excellence, contributing to our growth in a changing landscape.


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