ABL Aviation Launches Project to Plant 100 Hectares (250 Acres) of Cedar Trees in Morocco

Casablanca Morocco, March 2024 – ABL Aviation, the independent global aircraft leasing and asset management firm, has launched its Cedar Tree Project to foster environmental sustainability and ecological restoration. This month, the company’s employees began a tree-planting exercise in the Middle Atlas region of Ifrane, setting into motion the company’s plan to plant 55,000 cedar trees across 100 hectares (250 acres) of land over the next five years.

The project is in response to the catastrophic forest fire in Azrou, Ifrane, in 2022, which resulted in the loss of cedar woodlands. By committing to planting 11,000 cedar trees each year, ABL Aviation aims to rehabilitate the affected ecosystem and support sustainable development for future generations. This initiative also highlights the company’s commitment to its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

Ali Ben Lmadani

ABL Aviation’s CEO, Ali Ben Lmadani, commented on the project, “The Azrou forest fire reminded us of our profound bond with nature. By committing to plant 55,000 cedar trees, we reaffirm our company’s commitment to its ESG values and highlight our shared responsibility to preserve biodiversity and advance a sustainable future.”

ABL Aviation team

ABL Aviation’s Cedar Tree Project actively combats climate change by absorbing significant amounts of CO2. Each tree is estimated to sequester 22 kilogrammes per year, totalling around 1.21 million kilogrammes. This absorption leads to cleaner air, reduced soil erosion, and a rejuvenated ecosystem that includes critical habitats for wildlife. By focusing on natural habitat restoration, the project helps to protect the ecosystem and mitigate climate change. It also encourages collaboration with local communities and stakeholders in the Middle Atlas region, further amplifying its impact.

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