ABL Aviation Announces the Closing of a Second A321neo to Wizz Air

Dublin, Ireland, 28 June 2023 – ABL Aviation, the global independent aircraft investment management firm, is pleased to announce the successful closing of a second Airbus A321neo aircraft to Wizz Air, one of Europe’s fastest-growing and most innovative airlines. This transaction marks yet another significant milestone in ABL Aviation’s continuous commitment to supporting the expansion and success of its valued partners. On behalf of ABL Aviation’s Japanese partner, the deal is financed by a Japanese operating lease with call option (JOLCO) structure, just like the first A321neo aircraft delivery announced in May. A third delivery is expected to follow in the coming months.

“We are delighted to close this second A321neo aircraft delivery to Wizz Air, a dynamic and forward-thinking airline,” stated Ali Ben Lmadani, CEO of ABL Aviation. “This delivery demonstrates our continued commitment to providing innovative solutions and building long-term relationships with our partners. I am confident that the A321neo will provide Wizz Air with increased operational efficiency and exceptional performance, enabling the airline to meet its growth objectives.”

The A321neo, powered by the latest cutting-edge engines and advanced technologies, offers increased fuel efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and enhanced passenger comfort. Its long-range capability enables airlines like Wizz Air to explore new destinations and optimise their network operations.

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