ABL Aviation Arranged JOLCO Financing of Two Airbus A350-900 Aircraft for Turkish Airlines Awarded “JOLCO Deal of the Year” by Airline Economics

ABL Aviation and Turkish Airlines were honoured with the “JOLCO Deal of the Year” award at the prestigious Airline Economics’ Aviation 100 Global Leaders Awards 2024, recognising the firm’s expertise in arranging JOLCO financing for the delivery of two new Airbus A350-900 aircraft to Turkish Airlines.

Dublin, Ireland, February 2024 – ABL Aviation, the global independent asset management firm, is pleased to announce that it received the ‘JOLCO Deal of the Year’ award at the 13th Annual Airline Economics Aviation 100 Global Leaders Awards. This award recognises the firm’s expertise in structuring efficient financing solutions for its airline partners, specifically for arranging the JOLCO (Japanese Operating Lease with Call Option) financing that facilitated the delivery of two Airbus A350-900 aircraft to Turkish Airlines.

ABL Aviation acted as an arranger in this transaction. Recognising the contributions of ABL Aviation, Turkish Airlines, and all involved partners demonstrates their efficacy in navigating the complex global aviation financing landscape while delivering impactful results that contribute to the industry’s growth.

Ali Ben Lmadani, CEO of ABL Aviation, expressed his thoughts on receiving the award: “This recognition fills us with pride because it reflects our team’s dedication and expertise in working with various partners. Together, we have achieved a significant milestone by facilitating key transactions that add value to our esteemed airline partners, such as delivering two A350-900 aircraft to Turkish Airlines and supporting airline operations, notably on long-haul flights.”

ABL Aviation’s engagement in award-winning transactions demonstrates its drive for excellence and innovation and its commitment to developing strategic partnerships. These efforts also encourage active participation from aviation stakeholders, playing a crucial role in the success of the global industry.

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